About us

Body Remedy Miami is an orthopedic and sports massage rehabilitation clinic that focuses on pain management and injury prevention for all patients. Our clinic specializes in muscular skeletal integration (M.S.I), a type of neuromuscular and trigger point therapy that relieves chronic pain and restores flexibility. M.S.I. also works to create a better balance between the muscles that maintain proper posture. 

The Four Basic Causes of Pain

Joint Compression

Occurs when the muscles that cross the joint and enable it to move are shortened.

Trigger Points

Sensitive spots in the muscles caused by an accumulation of toxins and waste products that irritate the nerves of the muscles.


A condition in which the tissue in a muscle is not receiving the proper supply of blood. Usually caused by muscle spasms.

Postural Distortion

 Muscles that maintain posture work in opposing groups. Therefore if one group is too tight, it will overpower its partner and result in poor posture.


How Does M.S.I. Help?

In order to rectify these problems, your therapist will chart the specific problem areas, noting the muscles that are experiencing spasms, the areas with trigger points and which muscles have been shortened, restricting full range of motion.

Then pressure is applied to the trigger points, holding it there for several seconds. The will cause a different message to be sent to the spinal cord, resulting in relaxation of the muscle. We reinforce this relaxation with deep massage to the problem area.

Now we begin to get increased circulation, which will help flush out the toxins that are irritating the nerves. Through the use of friction and pressure, the ligaments and connective tissue begin to soften, restoring flexibility and full range of motion.

Your therapist may even suggest exercise that you can do at home between treatements to aid in a speedy recovery. These exercises will help re-educate your muscles and correct postural distortions.